Window Repairs

Lacey Locksmiths offer Window repairs for mechanism, handle and hinge all over Dublin.

Do you have a draughty window or a window that does not close correctly?

You may have a broken window hinge or a locking mechanism that needs to be repaired or maybe replaced. Perhaps a window handle has broken off in your hand? Lacey Locksmiths is here to help. We carry a wide range of window mechanisms/handles and hinges for uPvc/aluminium and timber windows.

We also have window restrictors designed to keep children safe from a fall and also prevent an access point for the opportunistic burglar. These restrictors allow a window/door to be opened a few inches and can be unlocked to open fully.

Are your windows glazed from the outside? If so you may be a target and the glass pane can be removed easily. Even if you have a house alarm it may not be activated!! Lacey Locksmiths have glass locks which prevent the pane from being removed as seen in the photo below.

Additional window locks may be fitted to add additional security to a home or business. Windows may be easily forced open especially when a burglar is hidden from view and would give plenty of time. Even if you have an alarm set it may only take a few seconds to be in and out with light belongings including expensive jewellery and pricey electronics. The same goes for timber side and back doors we have a solution to your security problems so get in touch today and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your window security. With no call fee and a professional approach our qualified Locksmiths always have a smile.

Call us today on 01 9012666 for a complimentary security survey of your home or business.