Copy Proof Keys

Lacey Locksmiths are delighted to announce our very own profile for copy proof keys. It is 100% unique and restricted only to Lacey Locksmiths. Our profile has the possibility to be keyed alike to numerous cylinders and even padlocks which would give you the one key for every lock in your home or business.

Lacey Locksmiths - Copy Proof Keys

Master key systems also available which can give the main key holder access through all locks and restrict access for others. Restricting / limiting access to the more valuable areas of your business.
All Lacey Locksmiths euro cylinders are Pro snap which is designed to protect against the increasing use of cylinder snapping to gain access to a property.

Features on the Lacey Locksmiths profile include

Copy Proof Keys

Our Lacey Locksmith Key Profile ensures that us, and only us, can copy your keys significantly reducing the risk of copies falling into the wrong hands.
Availing of our new profile system will dramatically increase the levels of security on your home or business.
Our Profile has the capacity to grant access to specific areas of your property and limit access in others completely customisable to your requirements.

Internal key stopper

• The special blocking slot offers an additional technical protection against copying
• If the blocking slot is missing the key cannot be inserted completely into the cylinder core and cannot open the cylinder

Bent precision shape

• The bent precision shape offers an effective picking resistance according to DIN norms
• Comfortable handling because of the solid key
• The reinforced key leads to a higher stability

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