Burglary Prevention

Quality locks and key control are the first steps of burglary prevention for you home or business. Here is some handy Burglar prevention tips.

Make sure you have the right locks/cylinders fitted and if needed you can always add additional locks to windows and doors for burglary prevention. Never ignore the doorbell as this could be an attempt to see if the house is empty. Security lighting is a great deterrent and burglars hate lighting. Do not leave car/house keys or any valuables visible from doors or windows; keep blinds and shades drawn at night.

Avoid hiding keys in flowerbeds, under door mats or on car tyres. These are well known hiding spots to a burglar.
Avoid giving keys to tradesmen or anyone you do not know.
Ensure your home is clearly visible from the street and your neighbours. Trim bushes and trees that obscure windows and doors as this may create a hiding spot while trying to gain entry to your home or business.

Keep all garden tools and ladders securely locked away to prevent helping the burglar from using such tools to break in to your home.

When gong out try leaving a light and the radio on (talk shows are best) to give the feeling that someone is at home. Always keep cash and jewellery locked in an insurance approved safe. If your Safe cost you in and around €50 I am pretty positive it is not insurance approved. Do not fit safes in a wardrobe as this is the first place a burglar will check. If you need advice on safe sales or installation call/text or email us your questions today.

Why not take advantage of our complimentary security survey and we can advise what you may need to make your home/business as safe and secure as possible.

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